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Windows on Mac

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It is HIGHLY recommended that you wait and see if you will need Windows or utilize any Windows-specific programs/application for a class prior to getting everything setup.

Option 1

Virtual Computer Lab

(preferred method)
  • GREAT performance
  • 99% Uptime
  • Software is pre-installed
  • No additional Costs
  • Cannot provide custom development environments (rare cases)

Time to Install: 5-10 minutes

Option 2

Local Virtual Machine

  • Easy to switch between macOS and Windows
  • Slower performance RAM/processor are divided
  • Highly recommended to have at least 16GB
  • May stop working with macOS updates

Time to Install: 20-35 minutes

Option 3


  • Good performance uses full resources of computer
  • No additional costs built into the macOS
  • Hard Drive is divided (hard drive doesn't divide well if it is almost full. Most have at least 40GB free)

Time to Install: 60-90 minutes (+Windows update times)