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Pamplin Advising System

Description: This system is comprised of two applications: a web application that allows students to schedule appointments with the Pamplin undergraduate advisors and a desktop application that allows those same advisors to manage their advising relationships with the students.

Intended For Use By: Students & Undergraduate Programs

LinkPamplin Advising System Redirector

Description: Using the DNS address, short URLs can be created that automatically redirect to another URL or directly to a file to be downloaded. Long, cryptic, and otherwise unattractive URLs can now be short and succinct…and there is no limit to how many can be created! This service also tracks the number of times the short URL has been used, so statistical data can be provided. Use the button below to submit a request to obtain access to this URL shortening service.

Intended For Use By: All Pamplin Faculty & Staff

Request Access

Event Check-In System

Description: Using Microsoft Surface tablets installed in tabletop stands, this software allows for guests of any event to “check in” using their Virginia Tech Passport/ID number. If desirable, nametags can be automatically printed out using an available DYMO LabelWriter printer and information obtained automatically from Banner. After the event, demographics data can be provided in a number of formats to the event organizers. Use the button below to submit a request to register your event and reserve up to 4 of the available check-in systems!

Intended For Use By: All Pamplin Faculty & Staff

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Secondary Change of Major

Description: An online request system for Virginia Tech students to change their secondary major to one in the Pamplin College of Business, supplementing the Virginia Tech primary change of major system in Hokie SPA. Additionally, an administrative interface allows the Undergraduate Programs office to evaluate and process the requests.

Intended For Use By: Students & Undergraduate Programs

Link: Secondary Change of Major web application

Events Manager

Description: A web application for managing Pamplin events where registration and attendance data needs to be collected. Currently the application allows for an event to be created and then guests can register for that event via an online form. Upcoming updates to the application include the ability to manage the registration lists during the registration period, manage attendance data after the event has occurred, and finally run reports on all event data.

Intended For Use By: Pamplin Event Organizers

Alumni Roundtable Scheduler

Description: An online registration system designed for the Alumni Roundtable event held each year for students taking the MGMT 1104 class. Students can read biographies of attending Pamplin alumni and register to attend the roundtable of the alumnus who is most interesting/applicable to their future business career path.

Intended For Use By: Students of the MGMT 1104 Class

Link: Alumni Roundtable Scheduler web application

Peer Advising

Description: A web application that allows select Pamplin upperclassmen to act as peer advisors to other Pamplin students for issues pertaining to their interests and individual career paths. Instead of meeting with an Undergraduate Programs advisor, the student meets with one of the peer advisors and this web application allows the peer advisor to record the details of the session, which is then saved as part of the student's record in the Pamplin Advising System.

Intended For Use By: Pamplin Student Peer Advisors

businfo Newsletter Submission Form

Description: This online form allows Pamplin faculty & staff to submit their notices for the businfo newsletter. The form will help expedite the submission process by reducing the number of invalid or incomplete submissions as well as automate portions of the process for composing the newsletter.

Intended For Use By: All Pamplin Faculty & Staff