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Windows on a Mac

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It is HIGHLY recommended to wait to see if you will need Windows or utltize any Windows-specific programs/application for a class prior to getting everything setup.

Option 1: Virutal Computer Lab


  • Managed by Pamplin IT
  • 99% Uptime
  • Software is preinstalled
  • Good performance as it is not relying on local machine


  • Requires internet connection
  • Cannot provide custom development environments (required by some BIT classes)

Cost: No cost

Requried App: MS RDP from the AppStore (

Time to Install: 5-10 minutes

Process: Put in a ticket to request access

More Information: Pamplin Virtual Comptuer Lab Information

Option 2: Local Virtual Machine


  • Easy to switch between macOS and Windows


  • Slower performance since RAM / processor are divided

    Note: It is highly recommended to have AT LEAST 16GB for the Local Virtual machine to run well

  • Additional cost from some 3rd party software
  • May stop working with macOS updates

Cost: varies

Software Options

Time to Install: 20-25 minutes 

Option 3: Bootcamp



  • Good performance - users full resources of computer
  • No additional costs (built-in to macOS)


  • Must shutdown macOS completely to switch to Windows
  • Hard Drive is divided *
    *Note: hard drive doesn't divide well if it is almost full. Most have have at least 40GB free

Costs: No additional cost

Time to Install: 60-90 minutes (+ Windows Update times)