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Azure Lab Services

This service is a pilot and ONLY for

  • BIT 3524 - Database Management and Design Sections 81828 & 81829 taught by Dr. Ruba Aljafari
  • BIT 3444 - Advanced Business Computing and Applications Section 81817 taught by Jim Dickhans
  • BIT 3444 - Advanced Business Computing and Applications Section 81819  taught by Dr. Onur Seref


Requesting Access

Please complete the form. If the PID is valid, an email will be sent confirming the access has been granted with instructions on how to connect.

Please use your PID not your

Connecting to Azure Labs

  • Login to Azure Labs using your VT AD credentials
  • If you Virtual Machine is not running, Start the machine
  • Click Connect and a RDP file will automatically download
  • Double Click to open the connection
  • Connect using the credentials below

macOS Users

For the Microsoft Remote Desktop file to run, first download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Apple Store.

Pre-Installed Software

  • Visual Studio v2022 Community
  • MS Office 365



User: ~\BIT3444
Password: BIT3444$tudent

Pre-Installed Software

  • MySQL Server
  • MySQL Workbench
  • MySQL Connector - OBDC
  • MySQL Connector - Excel
  • MySQL Samples & Example
  • MS Office 365
  • R



User: ~\BIT3524-student
Password: BIT3524stu!


User: root
Password: bit3524MySQL#