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Designing Digital Signage

Questions to ask yourself?

  • Who is my target audience? [Students, University as a whole?]
  • What do I need my target audience to do? [Go to a website? Call? Email?]
  • How does my message support the universities brand?

Design Tips


Use direct, clear, concise sentences that are easy to understand.

Use a maximum of 150 words in the entire slide. Slides that need to convey more can be broken up and displayed in sequence. On average, we play everything for about 15 seconds per slide. Set a goal of keeping your group under a minute. Sets of slides that exceed a minute are subject to being separated and played at separate times from each other.


Please design things in a 1920 x 1080 or a 16:9 format. This allows you to utilize the entire space that will be displayed. Items designed otherwise will be sent back to be corrected. If you need assistance creating things in the appropriate sizes please contact the IT department.


We prefer you use the fonts located in the University Brand. These include Acherus Grotesque, Gineso Condensed, & Crimson Text. These can be downloaded (here)







Adobe InDesign



The VT Brand Guide has an excellent selection of colors. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t get a little creative. We do ask that you make sure that there is enough contrast between font and images though. A contrast tool provided by the university can be found here:


Please limit images used to three. These should be used as eye catchers, not the entirety of your message. Images used should be of as high a quality as you can find.