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Virtual Computer Lab

Access a Windows-based comptuer lab from your laptop anytime and anywhere.

This service is intended to be used by students in the Pamplin College of Business that need to access Windows-specific applications and programs. The Virtual Computer Lab (VCL) uses minimal resources of the local computer as the compute power is in the cloud. The VCL can be accessed virtually anytime. 


Access must be requested. Access will be gratned for 60 days. You must log into the VCL within 60 days. Each time you log in to the VCL, your access will extend 60 days from that time. After 60 days of inactivity, you will need to request access again.

Included Software

The Virtual Computer Lab has software pre-installed from the Virginia Tech Undergraduate Software Bundle, Pamplin College of Business Software Bundle, as well as other free software offered by Virginia Tech. 

Many students access the VCL for use of the Windows version of Microsoft Office 365, which including Access and some of the more advanced features of Excel. Visual Studio is also installed for use in some of the BIT coursework around software development.

Limitations of the VCL

The VCL is a shared service and the computing resources are borrowed while in use. To create the best experience for 100's of users, there are some limitations.

  • Users are not adminstrators. 
  • Users cannot install software. 
  • Users cannot access system drives.
  • Network storage is provided. Users have full control over files on the Desktop and Documents


  1. The Virtual Computer Lab is a complimentary and shared resource. Abuse will not be tolerated. Performance may vary depending on usage and time of day.
  2. Software has been preinstalled. Additional software must be requested by submitting a ticket at 
  3. Storage is provided and will remain intact with your account. Please save your important files to a cloud service such as Google Drive or One Drive for Business. Users do not have access to the C:\. 
  4. You must be on campus or connect through the Virginia Tech VPN (Directions on setting up VPN)
  5. Access will be revoked after 60 days of non-usage. 

Additional Questions

Put in a ticket with the Pamplin IT team

Instruction on setting up the VCL:

Upcoming Maintenance