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Digital Signage

Use the power of images and videos in this cost-effective strategy to make your message stand out.

The Pamplin College of Business manages digital signage throughout various locations in the offices, common spaces, and Pamplin Hall atrium. 

Benefits of Digital Signage

  • Displays can be changes at a moment's notice
  • More attention from passerby
  • Cost-effective marketing tool


Pamplin Atrium

The Pamplin Atrium has six digital signs. Putting your event or department information into circulation on these monitors is one of the best ways to reach students as thousands of students circulate that area each week.

Outside Department Office [Pamplin Hall & Wallace Hall]

Outside many department offices, there is a smaller version of the digitial signage. This can be used to target faculty, staff, students, and guests as they walk throughout the buildings. 

Common Areas

Inside offices and other common areas, such as the IT Office & Apex Center for Entrepreneurs, this offers extra exposure as students and others are waiting.

Designing Digital Signage

Unlike designing for print, all our signs are displayed in the 16:9 ratio. The signage should be eye catching and target the approperiate audience. Most images stay on the display for 15-20 seconds, so your message needs to be easy to read and direct.

Digital Signage Coordinator